We are currently meeting via Zoom due to the corona virus, rather than meeting in person.

There’s a morning (Thursday 11 AM) and evening (Monday 7 PM) meeting. If you are a non-member and would like to be included in the invitation to those meetings, please contact president@faithfulcirclequilters.com. Please specify if you would like to be invited to the morning meeting, the evening meeting, or both.

The first and third week of the month, meetings will be a demo and/or a sit and sew.  These meetings will be organized by Maria O’Haver and led by her and/or other board members.  If you don’t wish to try the demo, you can work on a project of your own.

The second and fourth week of the month will be more programmatic meetings like we’ve been having since the start of the pandemic.  That is, they will include an organized event of some sort—a slide show or other sort of planned activity (hint:  sharpen up your Bingo skills) and/or breakout groups for general chit-chat.  If there is a fifth Monday and/or Thursday in the month, that will also be a sit and sew session.

If this all seems too confusing, all you really need to remember is that there will always be an FCQ meeting every Monday at 7 PM and every Thursday at 11 AM.  You can always just come and be surprised by what type of meeting it is!  And, of course, you will be getting Zoom invitation e-mails a day or two before each meeting to remind you, as well.

If you have an idea for a demo you would like to do, PLEASE contact any of us.  Contact Maria O’Haver for SitnSew.  If you have ideas for other types of programs you would like to see or to present, please contact Jean Storrs or Linda Kerrick. This meeting schedule will begin January 3, 2021.

You are welcome to come to our meetings as a visitor. Bring along some hand sewing or knitting or just check us out and join the chit-chat. Other activities include potluck luncheons and dinners, a yearly retreat, occasional Saturday Sew-Ins, classes and lectures and a biennial Quilt Show.

During normal times:

FCQ usually meets twice a week: Mondays 7-9 p.m. (Business Meeting at 7:30),
Thursdays 10 a.m. -12:30 p.m. (Business Meeting at 11:30)


If Howard County Schools are closed or delayed due to inclement weather there will be no day or evening meetings.
If Howard County schools cancel evening activities or close early due to inclement weather there will be no evening meeting.


Lyle Buck Hall
First Presbyterian Church of Howard County
9325 Presbyterian Circle Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 730-3545


From Interstate 95 – (northbound or southbound)  take MD Route 100 West. Continue to Route 29 and take US 29 South.  Then, see below…

From Interstate 70 – (eastbound or westbound)  take US 29 South.  Then, see below…

From US 29 – (northbound or southbound) take MD 108 East  (“Old Annapolis Highway.”)  Then, see below…

From MD 108 – (eastbound turn right, westbound turn left) into “Presbyterian Circle.” The turn is immediately after the end of the exit ramp from US 29 Northbound.  Proceed past the Park & Ride to the church grounds.  Park behind the church or in the Park & Ride.