We are currently meeting via Zoom due to the corona virus, rather than meeting in person.

There’s a morning (Thursday 11 AM) and evening (Monday 7 PM) meeting. If you would are not a member and would like to be included in the invitation to those meetings, please contact president@faithfulcirclequilters.com. Please specify if you would like to be invited to the morning meeting, the evening meeting, or both.

Faithful Circle Quilt Guild is dedicated to preserving the heritage of quilting. Our members are diverse in their backgrounds, interests, and talents and were all beginners at one time.  So we know how much sharing and teaching mean to even the most experienced.  We also believe that quilting is about the quilters and establishing lasting friendships through the guild.  No meeting goes by without some good laughs.  Please browse our site and either drop in to a meeting at 9325 Presbyterian Circle Columbia, MD. or contact us for more information.